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Stephen Chitoshi

These are excellent materials for teaching the little ones as well as youths in the case of Zambia, in Africa. How can you send me big posters? Stephen Chitoshi, P O Box 910411, Mongu, Zambia, Southern Africa.

Michelle Solberg

Sorry...It was Prophets and Promises part 2, Unit 9 for the ages that are divided differently.

Michelle Solberg

On Unit 9 The ages are divided differently than in the other lessons, will this be changed at some point? Thank you!!! Loving this curriculum.


What coloring book pages do you all use mostly? I saw reference to one and now I can't seem to locate it. I did find some online, but just curious as to which ones you have found that you use the most.


What year is Northland currently on with the 3 year scope? Do you recommend starting at Year 1? We would prefer to start where you are currently. Is 2011 the year the Easter schedule changed?

Melinda Rutland

Hey Sara!
We do have some studies that focus on the areas you mentioned. The Apostles' Creed study as well as a study about Lent can be found under the "Other Resources" tab.

In certain lessons, we explain some of the other topics. If you'd like some help locating that, please email me directly.



Do you offer lesson plans for elementary age consisting of meanings behind Lord's Prayer, Communion, Baptism, Apostle's Creed, etc? I'm a Children's Ministry Dir at a small church and we are looking to expand this area for elem. age kids. I'm looking for resources which could be series of lessons with these topics to help prepare them for the sanctuary services vs. Bible story lesson plans.

pastor Biao Chen

It is incredible resources! thank you for great heart for Him and His kingdom!


How can i get the lesson in spanish? is there any way that i can download them?

Thanks and God bless


Thankyou, Thankyou, Thankyou. Someon told me about this ite this week and I had to come check it out. I have just recently moved from central Fl. to another State. My husband is a new pastor at a small congregation. we wanted to start a childrens service but didn't really have the money to buy materials at this time, Because of your sight we are now able to start something at our church. Thankyou so much for investing into the Kingdom of God!

Melinda Rutland

Hello Amy!
I checked into your question and I posted some photographs in the lessons for that unit to help you understand what the craft book looks like.

As far as teaching pictures, we used a software called Boardmaker in the past, but we are unable to distribute their pictures due to copyright. I would recommend purchasing a few children's picture Bibles and displaying those as samples if possible.

The coloring pages that we recommend can come from any number of sources including children's coloring books, other curriculum resources or other internet sites. We currently do not have coloring pages that we can provide, but hope to have an artist volunteer to create them for us in the future so we can distribute them as a free resources as well.

Please let me know if you have any other questions!

Amy H

I skipped on down to use the Easter lesson and noticed that the children are making some sort of booklet in this unit. I tried to look at it through the Zacchaeus story but it said it no longer existed. Can you help me?
Also, I was wondering, do you have teaching pictures--to show while you are telling the story? What about coloring pages to go along with the story? I am so thankful I found this source. It has been a blessing for our workers to use and the children love it as well. God bless, Amy

Dan Lacich

Margi and Melinda,
Absolutely stunning job presenting all this to the group this morning. I am so honored to be connected with the two of you and the whole team doing the children's curriculum. It is amazing what God is doing and how you are working in concert with Him

Melinda Rutland

Hello Tina and Cathy!

To answer both of your questions...

Tina, I have posted a copy of the poster for the classroom covenant under the Other Resources tab for you.

Cathy, you can download all of the Bible Memory Verse Songs because we produce those as part of the Bible Curriculum. The other song suggestions in the lessons would need to be acquired through their original composers/producers. We can not distribute them due to copyright.

Hope this is helpful!


Can I downloap praise and worship songs as well?

Tina Witikko

I will be teaching a class of 9 t 11 year olds. Do you have posters or downloads of your class covenant to post in the room? Thanks!

Melinda Rutland

Hello Shirley!
All of the lessons are broken out by age group...ages 4-5, ages 6-7 and ages 8-11. You are welcome to take what you think is age appropriate for your grandson, even if you use a combination of the ages 4-5 and 6-7. The lessons are easy to adapt! Send me an email if you would like some one-on-one advice.


How do I know what lessons would be best for my 6 year old grandson? Thanks!

Diane McMurrin

We're beginning our first lesson in Kiev, Ukraine, of God of Wonders, translated into Russian and Ukrainian on September 16, 2007. The Bonsai Brothers skits are in Russian and the lessons in Ukrainian.

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